Magical Friends and how to summon them

Brawl your way to the tavern with mythical creatures, from puny gnomes to mighty hydras.
Easy to learn, cunning interaction and chaos!
A medium weight strategy game.

Magical Friends and how to summon them is coming to Kickstarter in late 2021.
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In this board game you want to be the most loved wizard of all time... at least among your colleagues and only as long as your spells last.
You summon mighty, sometimes ugly, but mostly fantastical fake friends and boast with them at the next feast in the tavern.


Easy to learn:
  • Offer powerful artifacts to set the turn order
  • Choose and summon your friends
  • Move your friends and use their abilities

Cunning interaction:
  • 40 unique friends with different abilities
  • Many possible combinations for fancy moves
  • A single strategy will not be enough for victory

  • After the first 2 rounds the board will be filled with creatures
  • That will make it hard to predict your opponents moves
  • Be prepared for mayhem
  • And sometimes a little bit of diplomacy might not hurt

Endless replayability:
  • Each game leads to new combinations of friends and therefore different interactions
  • The 4 paths to the tavern are double-sided, allowing different set-ups of the playing field in each game
Comfortable Play:
  • Play right out of the box with a  well thought-out sorting inlay
The rules of the game are still in an early stage and will  receive some minor changes. As well as a proofreader!

Magical Friends and how to subscribe to them:
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If you use the same email address on Kickstarter as you use to sign up to the newsletter, and you back the core game within the first 48 hours, you will get a free alternatives design card set!
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In this video you can get another impression of the game. Attention, the game is still a handmade prototype. There will be changes in the final version.
A half way played 3 player tutorial game
from Jon Gets Games

You can also check out this short video from Tantrum House for a quick overview of the game.

For the time being our "friends" will share their experience with us.

Picture of Arachne waiting behind a rock watching a goblin almost falling into her web trap looking like a tic tac toe game

"Black Wizard is the best! It is really hard to find someone who appreciates a web artist in these days."
- Arachne-   
Picture of the dryade looking grumpy as some guy is bringing flowers to a vaguely woman shaped tree instead of her

"At least White Wizard appreciates my beauty! Not like those peasants checking out those trees .... no offense trees."
- Dryad-           
Picture of a cyclops throwing a skeleton that is excited and scared at the same time. In the background some other small creatures are waiting in line to be thrown. A cardboard cyclops shows how small you have to be to get thrown

"Blue Wizard is great! He told me I can play darts at the tavern!
I need to bring some pals with horns.... man I love darts."
- Cyclops-                             
A picture of a faboulous unicorn lying on its back with a full belly. Candy lies all over the enchanted forest floor next to a broken basket and a limp arm reaching into the picture.

"Orange Wizard knows how I like it! Running the lovely
Fairy trail, green meadows, bonbons and rainbows... wait, why is
that cyclops staring at me?"
- Unicorn-                             
Picture of a Mermaid standing in a bathtub carried by giant tortuise through the woods

"Go see the forest he said, ride your bathtub he said, drink some cocktails in the tavern he said! Love the blue Wizard!"
- Mermaid- 
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