Glad you want to support us!

There are a number of ways you can do this, many of which you have probably already heard about. But we would also like to explain a few things about it.
Like our posts and follow or subscribe to our pages:
  • We know that you are there. That's a great feeling for us and brings a lot of motivation.
  • Viewing and interacting with our content increases traffic to our pages and makes them a more relevant search result for Google or other search engines. We get a better chance of being found by other people as a result.
  • it shows others that there are more people who are interested. This also increases the likelihood that they will interact with the site themselves.
Follow our newsletter:
  • Following the newsletter gives us a way to communicate with you. Especially when we have information that seems very important to us. For example, when the Kickstarter campaign starts or other moments when we need the most support.
Comment on our contributions:
  • A like feels good, but a comment turns our one-way communication into a conversation. It makes us happy to get to know you a little too.
  • Being the first to respond to a post can be intimidating for some, if you do, it may be easier for some others to join in the conversation.
  • If you have a question, just ask it. There are probably others who have the same question in mind. If we can answer it, it will not only help them, but also other readers.
  • It creates opportunities to create community, as other people can easily join the conversation and contribute their ideas as well.
  • By sharing your thoughts with us, you may be able to point out flaws in the game, that we haven't noticed yet. Maybe they are also ideas that could make the game even better.
  • Comments are also interactions that increase our chances of being found on the web.
Share our posts on social media and start conversations about our game
  • This increases the reach of our posts many times over, not only does it generate traffic so that we can be found more easily again, you show it directly to people who may not have heard of the game.
  • Starting a conversation and inviting others to join in, brings our game into people's minds and allows them to become comfortable with our game.
  • If you want us to notice your conversation, feel free to link us, or send the link to your post if we are not already present on the platform. We look forward to hearing your thoughts on the game and may be able to answer some questions that come up.
Test our game
  • To make a good game, playtesting is super important, we are always happy to have more testers.
  • Your feedback is really valuable, whether it's about game mechanics that could be a little more fluid or a sentence that could be worded better in the game manual.
  • Also by testing with your friends we get some reach, maybe they are also excited and tell others about our game.
If you want to test our game, just write to us. There is a digital version, but it might also be possible that we can send you a physical prototype.

Tell your own board game community about our game
  • Even though we are board gamers, we are not part of your local (or larger) board game community, your own group of friends. If you start a conversation about our game there, it will reach people who might really be interested. That helps us a lot!
  • You can also invite us to your community if you feel like it would be great if we joined the conversation on your forum, Discord or wherever. We are very happy to be invited, but showing up uninvited is often not welcome.
Support our game on Kickstarter
  • The game will only be produced if we can afford it, this can only happen through support.
  • The more people support our game, the more beautiful we can make our game, because we also can improve components. Some improvements can also reduce game setup, for example by improving the inlay.
  • Supporting our game in the first hours or on the first day helps us the most, it raises awareness for our project, which might attract more people to it. People are usually more willing to support a successful campaign.
  • Reaching higher numbers on Kickstarter, could give us the opportunity to create a larger production run or even attract a publisher. This could be a chance to even see the game in shops.
  • A success on Kickstarter gives us the chance to develop an expansion for the game or even more new games.

Let's create a great game together!
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